• 15-gallon Directional Feeder

15-gallon Directional Feeder


  • $67.29

Moultrie 15-gallon Directional Feeder MFG-12654

Bring a little direction into your game management program with Moultries Directional Series. The Directional Feeder precisely casts feed in a straight, 30-degree wide path, positioning feed to bring game into optimal view perfect for feeding along a path or trail. The directional feeder features a modified directional shroud and timer for feeding 6 times a day.


- Straight feed pattern for narrow feeding paths or trails
- 100-lb capacity
- Directional shroud engineered for maximum casting distance of feed
- Operates on one 6-volt battery (not included)
- Special bracket allows feeder to attach directly to a tree with included ratchet strap